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Koren advisory: Your Partner in Digital Transformation and PLM Implementation

By understanding your customers‘ needs and streamlining processes, we can help you get closer to your market and eliminate bottlenecks.

With my team of freelance experts we have over  20 years of experience in the textile industry and can help you make your collection and supply chain sustainable. With a range of services to choose from, we can provide valuable insights into the e-commerce business and collection creation.

At Koren advisory, we offer a complete 360-degree view of the industry and can help you fill in any gaps on a flexible basis. Contact us to learn more about how we can support your business.

Koren Advisory

what can I do for you?

Digital Transformation

  • PLM implemation support
  • strategic planning
  • risk assessment
  • stakeholder management
  • coordination
  • current state-gap analysis
  • solution development
  • project management

Structures & Processes

  • status quo analysis
  • change Management
  • workshops
  • optimizing workflow
  • shorting timelines
  • avatar fitting
  • calendar review
  • meeting structure

Product & Supply Chain

  • brand building
  • sustainability
  • target group definition
  • size and fit analysis
  • material library
  • vendor management
  • price range analysis
  • competitor analysis


  • checking miles stones
  • key KPIs
  • traffic
  • customer experience
  • user friendliness
  • product visibility
  • conversion
  • return rate analysis


  • Season concepts
  • colour cards, mood boards
  • competitor analysis
  • trend. – & market research
  • sales analysis & bestseller management
  • capsule collections
  • Design sketches
  • technical drawings

Buying & creative Buying

  • Absence cover
  • Sales review
  • supplier performance analysis
  • Price, delivery negotiations
  • supplier communication
  • evaluating open costing sheets
  • ensuring financial Targets
  • administrative support           

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Koren Advisory

‚Entrepreneurial thinking, hands on mentality and authentic personality.‘  

In my 5 last years working for Zalando/ Zlabels GmbH as Division Lead modern Contemporary I had the opportunity to gain deep understanding of the e-commerce business. I I helped build private label brands such as Anna Field into some of the most successful brands on the platform. 

I also worked as Senior Product Manager for Manor (CH) and Head of Design at Polo Sylt. My passion for my job and understanding of my customers‘ needs have always been key drivers in my career.  These Years of experience in various roles have given me a a 360 view in the collection building process.

For more details you can visit my Linked in page or Xing on the link on the bottom of this page.

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