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My areas of support "From Sketch to online"

“To improve is to change, to be perfect is to change often.” Winston Churchill

What are my areas of support?

The current market situation never has been so crucial for the textile industry. Consumer behaviour is changing rapidly. The customer demands value for money products with a sustainable base and transparency. Mostly the internal workload is increasing but team size remains stable.

To give your team the needed support in stressful situations is not only helping your business but can also boost your team happiness, which is an important factor for success. 

You can benefit from an expert in the fashion industry with a strong network and over 20 years of knowledge. Depending on your current needs you can choose between different services of support and I can make a combined package for you.  

Regardless of if you are already an established brand or a start-up. Of course, each company has different challenges. My aim is to always customize my support towards your expectations and demand. 

Fashion Advisory Strengths at a glance

My Strong Points

From my work experience I learned how to combine creativity with a strong analytic angle. Entrepreneurial thinking and seeking new business opportunities has always been a key driver in my career.

I love to challenge the status quo and keep asking myself how the future markets in fashion will look like and what do we need to get there.

Business Opportunities
Customer understanding

Project Management

Supporting you and taking care of internal projects with an expert background knowledge and a reliable follow up. Knowing and being aware of the critical success factors and changing complexity into clarity.

Helping you as a hands-on product owner implementing new structures and processes for example, fabric bundling, shortening time to online, change to avatar fitting etc. Using my soft-skills, I can bring in and involve the right people to make things happen

Structures & Processes

I can offer you a critical view on the current processes to challenge the status quo. Help optimizing the workflow in your team set up, defining roles and responsibilities, shortening Timelines to get closer to the market and be prepared for future demands.

This can also include workshops with the team as part of the change management to take all employees on the joined journey.

Product & Supply Chain

Is your target group definition clear and matches the reality?

I offer workshops for brand building to get a consistent collection handwriting. Evaluating your Bestseller management and move ons to get the right mix from trend products, bread and butter and NOS.

What are your customer’s expectations regarding sustainability? Working out a clear road map incl. product, vendors, supply chain and communication to ensure a long-term strategy in being sustainable.


You are planning to go online?

We can check the key miles tones, possible obstacles and what you need to get traffic and visibility, how to make your customer experience great and user friendly.

If you already have a shop:

Controlling your Key KPIs to measure

the performance of your shop, increase traffic/visibility and conversion rate. Analysing your returns to decrease return rates.


You can get the complete package incl. concept and direction for the seasonal or capsule collections, colour cards, mood boards, fabric research.

Starting with competitor analysis, trend. – and market research to provide solutions which is insight driven and truly customer centric.

Or if you just need interims help due to bottle necks in your current workflow I can offer you Design sketches, technical drawings, starting from simple sketch to complete worksheet, if wanted incl. fittings with your team, proto comments and supplier communication.

Buying & creative Buying

If you need an absence cover in your current
Buying team, supporting in negotiations, supplier communication, evaluating open costing sheets, giving Target prices and negotiating the delivery dates and all needed administrative support

In creative buying I am offering a combination of Design skills, Market knowledge and Buying Know how.  Reviewing offer collection and redesign or select a capsule collection based on customer demands and trend research.

Taking care of price negotiations, ensuring financial Targets are met in terms of revenue, Profits & Gross to Net Performances.

Bespoke Fashion Plans

I'd love to share my knowledge and experience

We can create a package out of several services combined to get the strongest impact and best result for your current need.

Question The Status Quo & Prepare For The Future

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